Bhuvan Bam Age, Height, Girlfriend, and Net Worth 2023

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In 2023, Bhuvan Bam estimated net worth will be around $5 million, or 41 Crore Indian Rupees. He is a well-known musician, actor, comedian, and social media influencer from India. He is primarily known for his BB Ki Vines YouTube account. Bhuvan’s net worth is dependent on a variety of sources, including paid endorsements and promotions in addition to the revenue from his YouTube channel.

With more than 25 million subscribers as of 2023, he is the most popular YouTuber in India and a viral sensation. Every video by Bhuvan Bam, nicknamed BB Ki Vines, has millions of views, and his key to success is how well he can connect with his audience with his humorous material.

If you frequently use the Internet, particularly YouTube, you may already be familiar with the Bhuvan Bam. He also manages a YouTube account called BB Ki Vines Production in addition to his primary channel, BB Ki Vines.

Bhuvan earns money in a variety of ways, but a significant portion of his riches comes from the brand advertising he sells on his YouTube channel and Instagram account. As a result, he typically charges 15–20 lakhs for brand advertising.

The estimated yearly income of BB is in the neighborhood of 3 crores, and his monthly income exceeds 25 lakhs.

And recently he has done a roast episode with Mahesh Keshwala (Thugesh).

He is on par with any Indian celebrity. He currently makes more than five crores from his role as Myntra’s digital brand ambassador.

Bhuvan began his career as a YouTuber, but he is now a brand ambassador for a number of well-known companies, including Mivi, Arctic Force, Beardo, Lenskart, Tasty Treats, and Tissot. He has reached the pinnacle of his career in the last two years, and it appears that he will be among the highest-paid YouTube stars and young actors in the years to come.

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Net Worth 2023:




Bhuvan Bam

Net Worth (in Dollars) $5 Million
Net Worth (in rupees) 42 Crore
Monthly Income 25 Lakhs +
Yearly Income 3 Crore +
Income Source Brand Endorsement, YouTube
Profession YouTuber, Actor
Zodiac Sign Aquarius


Growth in Bhuvan’s Net Worth Over the Past Five Years:


$5 Million 

2022 $3.5 Million
2021 $2.7 Million 
2020 $2 Million
2019 $1.5 Million


As a result, we’ll cover everything there is to know about Bhuvan Bam in this article, including his current and projected net worth as well as his income, assets, personal life, biography, age, and height as well as his girlfriend, favorite things, and social media accounts.

Personal life: 

Bhuvan Bam, often referred to as Bhuvan Avnindra Shankar Bam, was born in Delhi, India, on January 22, 1994. Padma Bam is his mother, and Avnindra Bam is his father.

They passed away recently as a result of COVID-19 infection. And after Bhuvan unexpectedly lost both of his parents, everything was destroyed in a month. He was raised alongside one of his brothers and comes from a lower-middle-class Hindu family.


Most of us have access to the internet, but not everyone makes good use of it, and he was one of those people. Since his early years, Bhuvan has been interested in producing funny videos.

Later, he began to upload each one individually on his YouTube channel. For some reason, he never even considered that it would become popular. He plays every role on his own and is a versatile performer.

Bhuvan Bam just debuted Dhindora, his web series. That enabled him to win the Breakthrough Performance of the Year ITA (Indian Television Academy Awards) Award in 2022. (Male).

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In the Indian entertainment sector, Bhuvan Bam is a rising celebrity. On his BB Ki Vines YouTube channel, he is well recognised for his humorous sketches and music videos. Bhuvan, one of the most well-known YouTube stars in India, has more than 26 million members and more than 4 billion views as of this writing. His success has opened him a number of additional possibilities, such as acting parts and endorsements.

On June 20, 2015, he began his YouTube career by posting films of himself portraying characters of urban teens and their absurd dialogues. As a result of the huge popularity of his films, he soon started producing his own content, such as sketches, music videos, and vlogs.

His BB Ki Vines series of sketches, in which he plays a number of characters including Detective Mangloo, Dr. Sehgal, Babli Sir, Titu Mama, Banchhoddas, Sameer Fuddi, Bablu, Janki, Mrs. Verma, Adrak Baba, Mr. Hola, and Papa Maakichu, are his best-known works. He played every role in the sketches by himself.

Bhuvan Bam

His videos, in which he frequently assumes many characters, cover subjects including politics, friendships, relationships, and societal issues. The videos are independently captured and edited by Bhuvan, who also uses the front camera on his phone to capture the footage.

He has a flourishing music career as well. Teri Meri Kahani, Bhuvan’s first music video, was made available in August 2016. Sang Hoon Tere, Safar, Rahguzaar, and Ajnabee thereafter followed. Bhuvan Bam and Divya Dutta’s work in the short film Plus Minus garnered them a Filmfare nomination.

He debuted his own YouTube programme, Titu Talks, in 2018, where he promotes upcoming projects by Indian celebrities. Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, the king of romance, was his first guest on the programme. Subsequently, he invited a number of well-known celebrities from India and beyond, like Johnny Sins. Eight spine-tingling episodes of the online series Dhindora, created by Bhuvan, were published on YouTube in January 2021.

Bhuvan’s accomplishment is a motivating illustration of how perseverance and hard effort may result in wonderful chances. For the millions of people who follow his profession and life story, he has grown to be an inspiration. He has also established himself as a role model for aspiring content makers, demonstrating to them that success in the internet content industry is attainable if one has the correct mindset and perseverance.

Bhuvan’s career serves as an example of the power of perseverance and originality for aspiring YouTubers and entertainers alike. With Shriya Pilgaonkar, Bhuvan made his OTT debut in 2023 with the programme Taaza Khabar.

Bhuvan Bam Height and Age: 

In 1994, Bhuvan Bam was born in Delhi, India. Bhuvan Bam will be 28 years old in 2023. Bhuvan is 1 metre 79 centimetres (5 feet 10 inches) tall.

Bhuvan Bam Girlfriend: 

Bhuvan is very discreet about his personal life. Despite having been romantically involved with the same woman for over ten years, he has never mentioned her in public or on any of his social media pages. Her name, according to some reports, is Arpita Bhattacharya.

Additional Common Questions:

Q .How much does Bhuvan Bam earn?

Ans: Bhuvan Bam’s yearly income is Rs.4-5 Crore

Q. Is Bhuvan Bam a Millionaire?

Ans: Bhuvan Bam is a millionaire with the net worth of $5 million

Q. What is the income of BB Ki vine?

Ans: BB Ki Vines’s estimated income is Rs.4.5 Cr. per annum

Q. How much does BB Ki Vines make a month?

Ans: BB Ki Vines make Rs.30-40 lakh per month

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