How to Pick a Perfect Water Pipe or Bong

by pooja

If you’re new to buying a bong and using glass, walking into a head shop or glass store can be an overwhelming experience. 

  • It is hard to select the right item to meet one’s needs; 
  • It’s easy to forget why you were there! 

Dry herbs vs Concentrates Use

There are several factors that need to be considered. 

  • How often you plan on using the piece. 
  • Examine the shape of the piece: note the base – such as whether it’s a beaker or bubble base – Take consideration of its joint size and gender; this is helpful when looking for attachments.
  • Ask yourself if your chosen water pipe will fit with any nails or bowls you have at home already. 

Optional Attachments

When looking at attachments such as ash catchers or reclaimers, 

  • It’s important to consider the angle of the joint. Is it 45 degrees or 90 degrees?
  • Trying to fit an ash catcher meant for a different angle can make your bowl or nail awkward and uncomfortable, and in some cases, it won’t even fit. 
  • Consider portability when choosing your attachment.


Percolators are an additional chamber in water pipes that filter smoke through the water, providing further diffusion and filtration to make a hit smoother and cooler. There are many types of percolators:

  • Inline percs Bongs (straight horizontal diffused tubes connected from the downstem to the main chamber),
  • tree percs Bongs (a series of similar diffused tubes branching from one central tube) and
  • honeycomb percs Bongs (a horizontal net of small holes for water/vapor to pass through).
  • Some water pipes even come with natural perks like splash guards to prevent water reaching your mouth or ice pinches that allow you to place ice cubes into the neck of the piece. 

Durability and Thickness

There are some key elements to take for bongs.

  • Aesthetically pleasing pieces with intricate features may be tempting, yet the simplest design is usually the most durable.
  • Consider the glass thickness, shape of the neck, size of the base, weight, balance and how easy it is to clean. Many retailers display information about glass thickness on limited products;
  • It’s best to inspect any piece first-hand before purchasing. 

Will it be a social piece or mainly for personal use?

When shopping for a water pipe, 

  • It is essential to consider the thickness of the glass as well as the shape and size of both the neck and base. 
  • The style of the neck can be important, but more crucial are the quality and thickness of glass used. 

When it comes to durability, beaker bases, straight tubes, and bells all perform similarly. 

  • Beakers and bell bottoms however can ruin functionality if broken whereas if a straight tube breaks it typically just causes chipping at the base—preserving its usability.
  • An unbalanced or top heavy water pipe is likely to fall over and become damaged so make sure to check its center of balance before buying.

Heady vs Scientific Glass

 Glass products featuring attractive designs, patterns, hues, and decorative elements such as glass marbles may be just what you’re looking for. The unique aspects of each product make it truly one-of-a-kind (commonly referred to as ‘Heady Glass’), driving up the price. 

Are you in the market for something to use frequently, or a piece reserved for special occasions that can become an heirloom? Glass items with stunning patterns, colors, and ornamentation such as marbles make each item a work of art. Referred to as ‘Heady Glass’, these pieces are so rare they come with a higher price tag. 

Brand name Glass

Buying a water pipe for the first time, don’t focus too much on the brand name. While it’s useful to know the quality standard of a product, To make an educated purchase, consider all other factors within your budget range and opt for something smaller and simpler as a trial run before going for something bigger or more elaborate. This way you can see how you like using a water pipe before investing a lot of money into one.

Shop Online for Glass

If you’re interested in exploring the world of glass, start by visiting your local head shop or G2vape online smoke store. Shopping for the perfect piece may take some time, joy, it’ll be worth every minute if you find a water pipe that brings you 

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