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Recharge Sodo is always something that the bookie’s bettors are interested in, looking for all the time. Members when making transactions at Sodo leave satisfied reviews for the convenience, optimization, speed and security of the system. Right now, let’s find out how Sodo Casino has deposit methods below.

Share the most detailed ways to top up your Sodo account

At the Sodo game portal, it is currently providing players with 7 diverse methods of depositing money into Sodo. Sodo ensures that all transactions take place in less than 1 minute and are highly secure and safe. Each method has its own good or bad, depending on the needs of the player choosing to be suitable and convenient for themselves. Right now, let’s find out how to top up the most basic Sodo money that not everyone knows.

The fastest and most accurate ways to recharge Sodo

Pay online to top up So Do

Players need to fill in personal information to be able to pay online to make a deposit to Sodo. Specifically, you must enter the name of the payment gateway, the name of the bank to the account number and especially the amount you want to deposit. After completing the personal information, the player receives a confirmation to complete the transaction.

Recharge Sodo: Scan QR code

Recharge with QR code is currently the most popular method of depositing at Sodo. Members only need to scan the QR code provided by the betting point and then proceed to enter the amount they want to deposit into their account. To complete the transaction, integrate the correct pin code you have installed.

Use e-banking to top up your Sodo account

To perform the steps to deposit money into the account through the bank, players immediately access Sodo’s system. Here you choose to top up, then choose an e-banking method and immediately enter the amount you want to deposit into your account. Remember to enter the correct delivery code and OTP code sent to the device to successfully top up Sodo.

Use e-banking to top up your Sodo account

Use ATM to top recharge Sodo

For those of you who love direct deposit, ATM top-up is a great choice for you. Players just need to find an ATM near the area or an ATM convenient for themselves and then make transactions on the machine as usual.

Use Momo wallet to top up Sodo

To make a transaction by depositing money through Momo wallet, players will choose the method of depositing money through Momo wallet in the online deposit section of the house. Players take a photo of the QR code and Sodo transaction code, enter the amount to top up. Then, go to your personal Momo, scan the QR code you just took and complete the requested information, then confirm.

Zalopay is also a good way to top up Sodo

Currently, Sodo has allowed players to make top-up transactions through the Zalo Pay application. The steps to complete the transaction are similar to how you make a deposit via the Momo wallet above. Members need to enter the correct phone number, transaction code and recharge point according to their own estimates.

Viettel Pay is an application that supports recharging into Sodo

In addition to Momo Wallet and Zalo Pay, Viettel Pay is also one of the applications with a similar way to top up with the two above methods. Players consider which transaction method is most suitable for themselves and follow the instructions that we have given in the deposit via Momo wallet. This is a very simple way to top up Sodo, but there is flexibility in all three deposit methods.

Viettel Pay is an application that supports recharging into Sodo

Note when depositing money into Sodo you need to pay attention

Before making a deposit to a Sodo account, players should also pay special attention to the following. Here are the important things that members need to pay attention to to make their deposit process go as smoothly as possible:

  • Bet points change account numbers constantly, so members must update regularly because if you deposit money into the old number, the house is responsible.
  • Each time you top up Sodo, you must deposit to ensure the minimum and maximum value specified by the system.
  • If during the transaction there is a problem or you have not seen the money in your account while waiting, please contact the hotline of Sodo for immediate support.


Above, we have shared with you the most detailed and careful recharge Sodo methods. I Hope you will have a quick and successful recharge transaction with the sharing of

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