What is GPT-4 and how is it different from ChatGPT?

by Ankit Singh
What is GPT-4 and how is it different from ChatGPT?

With this world reaching new technological heights, it has become necessary for us to be aware of all the enhancing tech solutions that are being introduced. While going through the evolving anole tech world, the concept of AI isn’t unknown by any wise mind these days. Whether we talk about the popular cun-cements in the concept of AI, extended reality, or quantum computing, all these concepts are being designed in order to make our tasks more effective as well as convenient. 

OpenAI has introduced a concept that is accurately faster, bigger, and has wider access than ChatGPT. It could be stated that GPT-4 is a more enhanced concept as compared to ChatGPT

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What is ChatGPT?

OpenAI has introduced the model of ChatGPT which has the tendency to interact in a conversational manner. It is the concept that is being trained to introduce the standard of following instructions with an authentic and detailed set of responses. It could be called a natural language processing tool that has the ability to have humanlike conversations and many more features with a chatbot. This model of AI tool can answer questions as well as help you with essential tasks to compose an email, code, or even write faultless essays. 


How To Register for ChatGPT? 

All the concepts of technological enhancement are being added with the prime view to make everyone’s task more convenient as well as effective. Hence, being aware of how does ChatGPT work is also essential. Let us discuss some points that explain how to use ChatGPT:

  • Creating an account for OpenAI:

The first and basic step to use this model is to create an account, either with Google or even Microsoft account or with your email address. In order to give access to ChatGPT you are required to register an account on OpenAI. Whether you want to continue access with your Google account or Microsoft that entirely depends on your point of choice. 

  • Agreeing To ChatGPT Terms and Conditions:

After creating the account or registration on the ChatGPT side the next thing you are required to do is go through all the disclosures and terms that are being stated for ChatGPT and tap the option ‘next’ when you agree to the terms that are being quoted for you. After going through all the pages offering the same click ‘done’. 

  • Start Writing: 

The step you need to do after creating the account, providing access, and accepting the term is to start taking your points in writing. It would be accurate to say that start asking the basic questions in any language model you want and see what kind of answers you are resulting with. After receiving the accurate answer, you can write all your ventures on the model to work effectively with. 

What is GPT 4?

Moving ahead, while sensing more effective needs to enhance the model further ahead, OpenAI has introduced the concept of GPT 4. It could be said that anyone who is familiar with ChatGPT will know its limitations to certain levels. GPT-4, being a more précised generative pre-trained transformer 4, indicates the fourth iteration of the OpenAI software. Being the large multimodal created by OpenAI can get more compelling work than GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, as it isn’t bound to just accept the text that is being provided by you, moreover it accepts the images as input. 

In the era of fierce competition, it brings the dazzling elements and features of handling words, along with pictures, which can also be referred to as multimodal tech. The ChatGPT-4 has the ability to access the pictures at the same time as the text while discussing and processing. It also consists of the ability to input video as well.  

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How Is It Different from ChatGPT?

The most appealing line running in the industry states that ChatGPT-4 has the tendency to see the images now. Being multimodal provides it the access to understand more than information indicates modality. When we talk about comparison, GPT-3 as well as GPT-3.5 has the limited ability to attain textual inputs, indicating that these two models can only read and write. Therefore, in this enhanced domain of hyper-tech solutions, GPT-4 contains the access to ask the output out of the image information effectively. 


Therefore, whether we talk about having dazzling potency of handling texts alongside the images, GPT-4 is more enhanced as compared to ChatGPT-3. From having faster and more accurate solutions to a wider scale of handling data, this model assists us in many effective ways. Thus, while looking into this hyper-tech world, we have great opportunities to upgrade our data with these compelling modes of developing technologies.

FAQs On ChatGPT-3 and GPT-4

Despite having so many platforms providing the efficacy of making us familiar with all the trends in new technology, there are still some query points left in people’s minds. It could be said that the world takes time to accept new terms, specifically the terms that are referred to as tech buzzwords, and they keep on asking the same questions from different points of view. So, let us go through those points which portray the most asked questions:

Q. What is ChatGPT-4, and how does it act more compelling than GPT-3?

Ans. The model of Chat-GPT-4 is solely being introduced to provide us with more assistance than GPT-3. With the limitation of just being bound to read and write textual content, ChatGPT-3 has overcome the model of GPT-4. It can also access the output out of the images, working with multimodal.

Q. What is GPT-4 AI?

Ans. In the era of fierce competition, there are so many hi-tech solutions running in the industry. AI plays a greater role in assisting us to beat that competition, providing us with compelling solutions. Thus, with GPT-4, we get to maintain our data with easier modes of working. Whether it is about taking out the text through images or having more versatile features of multimodal tech, ChatGPT-4 allows us to have a more creative experience. 

Q. Does ChatGPT-4 protect us from incorrect answers?

Ans. Promising more collaborating elements, GPT-4 has the potency to detect inappropriate content while ensuring us accurate data, Hence, it could be added that it prevents us from unsafe content. Moreover, it contains access to detecting the mistakes when the user points out.

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