9 Tips on Acing Any Look, Even if You Are Overweight

by pooja

It is time to embrace your curves and own your body completely! It is time to flaunt your curves and always bring out your A-game when you dress up. Depending upon your body shape & and size, there are different tips you can follow to dress right every single time. We have prepared a list that can help you be on point with your overall appearance, on every occasion! 

Get Your Undergarments Right

Being overweight usually means that you are on the bustier side along with large bottoms; to provide an ample amount of support, you will need quality undergarments in the right size (loose or tight undergarments are a strict no!). There are a range of brands that you can try to get the perfect undergarments. Buying bras can be tricky so know your breast shape first and accordingly do bra shopping. 

Understand Your Body Shape

It is an established fact that no two bodies are the same, which is why it is important to understand your body’s shape first so that you buy your outfits accordingly. Here, the key is to get the look that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. It is okay to be curvaceous, but you just need to work at it by trying different outfits, and stylish looks. Also, the occasion is always important. For example, if you are going on a beach vacation, you accordingly will need trendy bikini attire & beach friendly clothes and for formal occasions you need formal attire! 

Go for Quality Fabric

You can flaunt your curves in the right way just by being picky about the fabric you carry! You should always go for pricey & quality fabric (the one that doesn’t stick to your skin). Avoid shopping for hosiery material because that does not go well on a curvaceous body type; always go for linen, pure cotton, silk, chiffon, etc. fabric. You can also go for fabrics that are current fashion trends and suits you well. 

Get the Right Patterns

It would be too much fun to try out different patterns & prints like floral prints, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, boxed prints, mandala prints, graphic tees, etc. Notice what pattern, print & color gets you the most number of compliments! Try to wear more of vertical stripes than horizontal stripes, as some patterns suits heavier body types more. Following the rules of fashion will help you pull off your attire, every single time. 

Get Your Dresses Tailored 

Getting tailored dresses is the key to dressing right if you are overweight. You will get the customized dress, made as per your measurements and your liking. The tailored dress looks neat and you can experiment with a variety of fabrics, patterns, colors & styles. It can be a daunting task to look for fabric & get it made, but then the final output is worth the effort. 

Layer Your Clothing

Layering is an effortless way to up your dressing game, just that you should know how to do it right! You can easily wear a cotton overcoat with a pair of tees & jeans; it adds glam to your overall look. Or, if you are donning a mini skirt or frock, you can add a layer of a denim jacket (or any jacket for that matter!) to point up your appearance. With some trial & and error, you should be able to get it right! Get these layers online easily; apply the right discount on online dress shopping and get it at pocket-friendly prices. You can easily shop for dresses online using coupons and deals

Add Accessories 

A simple scarf worn with a top & and jean can highly accentuate your look; pairing the right necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. with your regular wear can make you look extremely presentable. The point here is that you should always pay due attention to the accessories. If you are wearing subtle colors, then loud jewelry pieces will balance out your overall look; you can always add a charm bracelet even with your casual wear to add that glam quotient to your look. 

Pick the Right Footwear 

You need to come to terms with the fact that your legs & feet are carrying a little bit of extra weight, which is why you should not add more discomfort to them by choosing the wrong footwear. You can always work with sneakers, platform heels, wedges, pumps, mules, etc., and pair these with your outfits. These footwear types are easy on your heels and toes, plus these looks glam when paired right. For casual days, go with sneakers & mules and for special nights you can always go with platform heels and pumps. Even if you wish to wear stilettoes, get a branded one so that they don’t hurt your feet too much! 

Know What to Avoid 

There are certain styles that don’t look too glam if you are on the heavier side and you should have an open mind to avoid those dressing styles. For example, do not wear clothes that are clingy on your parts that you do not want to highlight! This will unnecessarily drop your confidence level and make you nervous. Always wear something that goes well with your personality and accentuates your assets!

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