How Does DuckDuckGo Compete With Google

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Having a complete study regarding a given matter, you should priorly know what DuckDuckGo is. DuckDuckGo is a search engine just like Google. It raises concerns over privacy issues and claims that it is entirely safe and secure, not storing personal information leading to anonymous search results. No question arises of getting saved search history, as they don’t collect your personal information or share or sell any data. According to reports, it has recently surpassed 100 million searches in a single day during the month of January.

How DuckDuckGo Uses Google

In the grand scope of things, Google really doesn’t compete with Duckduckgo. Google is the industry’s big player and while they are conscious of its smaller rivals catching up, they are not in the same league yet. It is similar to Google, so just like Google, it has options just as switching to a private search engine which gives you the benefit when no search history is recorded or tracked, or getting saved in the form of a cache. It also has a large customer base.

Everyone keeps on searching whether DuckDuckGo uses Google or not. There is no doubt that Google is the biggest search engine existing to the present date. However, DuckDuckGo uses web pages from two sources that are Google and Bing and additionally have some of its own algorithms on which it works. This means it is partially dependent on Google.

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DuckDuckGo v/s Google Censorship

In the Online world, there is always a question addressed over censorship. Before starting anything we should know about censorship. Censorship is something suppression of views and or information that is termed objectionable if used without consent. Both search engines include censorship rights. However, DuckDuckGo considers prioritizing security issues but rather does away with censorship. Google sacrifices security issues but takes censorship along with it. Considering this, DuckDuckGo never breaches its security as it claims it never saves its search results and also never sells data to any other company.

Pros And Cons Of DuckDuckGo

Pros And Cons Of DuckDuckGo


Talking specifically DuckDuckGo presents various advantages offering numerous benefits. As you know, DuckDuckGo is in the news for its claim regarding no search history. This plays a major differentiating factor between DuckDuckGo and other corresponding search engines. It has the following mentioned benefitting points, they are.

  • Prioritize your privacy.

There is no safety issue involved as it has the option just like Google that is to operate in private mode this makes you forget the fact related to search history so nobody can peep in.

  • No personalized ads.

This is related to the fact that with privacy as you know no search results are saved in a given browser this makes DuckDuckGo unaware of the anonymous results you are searching as also it is unaware of who the user is.

  • No search leakage.

As you know about the fact, search history is not saved so no personal data is collected. This makes it possible that there is no search leakage.


Cons resemble disadvantages present while using this particular search engine. Some common cons presented are mentioned below.

  • Not as convenient as Google.

We all know that till present Google has a very huge database so is irreplaceable. Let there be any number of competitors but they can’t combat Google. Due to all these factors, any search engine is not as convenient as Google.

  • No personalization.

As we all know that there is massive unawareness of customer avatar, unaware of their demography and psychology of user making it turn clueless to show which types of ads are to be shown to corresponding users, so no personalization ads are unable to show.

  • Fewer integrated services like Google maps and Gmail.

As it has its own algorithms combined with Google webpages. So it does not completely depend on Google for its search results so it has fewer integrated services like Google maps and Gmail.

Why Is DuckDuckGo Bad?

As you know DuckDuckGo has a limited number of webpages so making it unable to produce relevant data as per requirements. Most glaring fact is due to limited access to data it is not as huge as Google. So DuckDuckGo is unable to produce as accurate a result as compared to Google. In addition to this DuckDuckGo’s earlier decision of not collecting user data makes it less essential to customize data regarding specific individual users which is used further to analyze data.

DuckDuckGo Uses Google

Is DuckDuckGo Better Than Google?

As we come to know about DuckDuckGo as a search engine or in the face of competitors standing against Google. Several questions arise on the existence of DuckDuckGo presented in the form of a search engine. Particularly the question, “Is DuckDuckGo better than Google”? The answer to this question is, typically, the main reason owing to security reasons. While DuckDuckGo is far better compared to Google. As it does not save browsing history anywhere it is safe and secured mode for security regarding. However with the help of ISP you are easily able to track your website traffic.

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How Do DuckDuckGo Earn Money?

As we know DuckDuckGo does not collect any type of user data as it is against their privacy policy. Therefore basically its primary source of income is through keyword based advertising. Now you may wonder what is keyword based advertising, basically it is a type of advertising where advertised results are shown according to the letter that the user enters in the search bar. As we are aware of its tough laws meant to be followed which are related to privacy issues and also not sell data. This is the primary business model through which revenue is generated correspondingly.

DuckDuckGo’s Existing Competitors

However we know that Google is the search engine present in the world as we use it more often. But there is a large number of private players which can be used as alternatives which can be preferred over Google. They are mentioned below in order.

  1. Swisscows.
  2. Gibiru.
  3. Quant.
  4. Yacy.
  5. Searx.

DuckDuckGo Uses Google

Were you aware of these terms previously? It is true if we try to search alternatives for anything we would simply get to discover new terms. This list has more numbers attached to it, as we know various options are available so I  have mentioned some to clear you that there are alternatives for Google if we opt for.

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