How to Get from London to Courchevel: Your Travel Guide

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London to Courchevel

In the heart of the French Alps lies Courchevel, where icy elegance meets adrenaline-fueled adventure. While the bustling streets of London have their charm, the lure of Courchevel’s snow-clad peaks is undeniable for the adventurous Londoner. It’s more than just a travel destination; it’s a magnetic pull from the City’s hustle to alpine hush. Ready to swap Big Ben’s chimes for ski slope chills? Chart your journey from London to Courchevel with us and discover the allure that’s making Londoners flock southward each winter season.

Why Courchevel?

Amid the expansive tapestry of Europe’s winter retreats, Courchevel emerges as a shimmering jewel. Not just another ski resort, it’s where the Alpine magic dances with luxe sophistication. Londoners, accustomed to urban grandeur, will find Courchevel’s allure irresistible: expansive ski terrains for all skill levels paired with an après-ski scene that’s the epitome of opulence. Beyond the slopes, it’s a cultural cocktail – a blend of rich Alpine traditions and modern panache. With seamless connections ensuring the journey from London to Courchevel is a breeze, this isn’t just another travel destination; it’s a winter narrative waiting to be embraced.

Best Time to Travel from London to Courchevel

When’s the prime time to swap London’s iconic fog for Courchevel’s frosty embrace? Let’s decipher the Alpine calendar.

The Alps are notorious for mood swings! While December to March wraps Courchevel in a snowy embrace, ideal for those itching to carve the slopes, venturing during the fringe months of November or April can be a gamble. Will you get the last whisper of snow or the first hint of Alpine spring?

Sure, winter’s the headline act with its snow sports and Christmas markets. But Courchevel isn’t a one-season wonder. Summers boast hiking, mountain biking, and events that turn the resort into a green-stage extravaganza. Think mountain-top concerts and the spectacular Festival of Pyrotechnic Art. It’s like Glastonbury, but with more altitude and fewer wellies.

Way to Travel from London to Courchevel

There are three way you can travel from London to Courchevel such as by plan, train, car or even bus. Here’s a breakdown of the paths less and more travelled:

By plane

  • Airports: London boasts several major airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted. For Courchevel, the nearest are Chambéry, Geneva, and Lyon.
  • Transfer Details: From Chambéry (around 1.5 hrs), Geneva (around 2 hrs), and Lyon (around 2.5 hrs), one can take a private transfer, taxi, or scheduled bus to reach Courchevel.

Pros: Quickest option; multiple daily flights; minimizes travel fatigue.

Cons: Can be expensive during peak season; potential transfer hassles.

By Train

  • Route: London’s St Pancras International to Lyon via Eurostar, then a regional train to Moutiers, followed by a bus or taxi to Courchevel.
  • Train Operators: Eurostar for the primary journey and SNCF for the regional connection.

Pros: Scenic routes; environmentally friendly; spacious compared to planes.

Cons: Longer travel time; requires multiple transfers.

By Car

  • Route: Starting from Calais (after using the Channel Tunnel from Folkestone), you’ll pass through Reims, Dijon, and then onto the A430 to Albertville, followed by the N90 to Moutiers, then the D915 to Courchevel.
  • Estimated Time: Approximately 10-12 hours, excluding rest stops.
  • Scenic Stops: Reims for its majestic cathedral, Dijon for a mustard tasting, and Annecy for its charming lake and old town.

Pros: Flexibility; scenic route; potential for interesting stops.

Cons: Long journey; toll costs; winter driving conditions.

By Bus

  • Details: Buses depart from London’s Victoria Coach Station and arrive at Moutiers’ bus station.
  • Bus Operators: Eurolines and FlixBus are popular choices.
  • Frequency: Weekly services, more frequent during ski season.
  • Cost: Prices vary but tend to be significantly cheaper than flying, especially when booked in advance.

Pros: Cost-effective; direct option without the need for transfers.

Cons: Longest travel time; limited legroom; fixed schedules.

Whether you’re chasing the quickest route or a scenic journey, each mode has its charm. Just pick your path, and let the adventure begin!

Travel Tips and Considerations

Heading from London’s hustle to Courchevel’s hush? Here’s your quick checklist for a seamless transition:

Travel Insurance: With skiing’s thrills come potential spills. Ensure you’re covered for unexpected events with insurers like Post Office or Aviva, and double-check they cover winter sports.

Currency: Courchevel uses the Euro (€). While cards are widely accepted, keep some euros for smaller expenses. Look into travel-friendly cards from London that minimize foreign fees.

Packing Essentials: Layer up! Think thermals, waterproof ski attire, gloves, hat, and snow boots. Pack sunglasses for the Alpine sun. A power adapter for France’s Type E sockets. High SPF sunscreen and perhaps a favorite London tea to enjoy amidst the mountains.

Where to Stay, Dine, and Play in Courchevel

Accommodation in Courchevel

Nestled among the picturesque French Alps, Courchevel is not just renowned for its ski slopes but also its diverse range of accommodation options catering to every type of traveler.

Luxury Stays:

Courchevel 1850 is the epicenter of luxury in the region. Here, you’ll find the crème de la crème of high-end resorts and hotels. The likes of Hotel Barrière Les Neiges and Aman Le Mélézin dot this exclusive enclave, offering panoramic mountain views, gourmet dining, and world-class spa facilities. If you’re looking for an opulent chalet experience, consider Chalet Ormello, which offers ski-in/ski-out access and a private indoor pool.

Mid-Range Options:

Courchevel Moriond (1650) offers a delightful blend of comfort and value. Hotels such as L’Hotel de la Loze present cozy rooms, impeccable service, and convenient proximity to the slopes without breaking the bank. For those who prefer apartment-style accommodations, Residence Les Cimes Blanches in Courchevel La Tania provides well-equipped units with easy access to ski facilities.

Budget-Friendly Lodgings:

Courchevel Le Praz (1300) and Courchevel Village (1550) are the go-to hubs for budget-conscious travelers. They’re a little quieter but still charmingly authentic. Hotel Les Peupliers in Le Praz offers rustic alpine charm without the luxury price tag. Meanwhile, in Courchevel Village, accommodations like Snow Lodge Boutique Hotel promise comfort and convenience, ensuring you save on your stay but not on the overall experience.

Culinary Delights: Best Dining Options

Embarking on a culinary journey in Courchevel is much like skiing its slopes – varied, exciting, and always satisfying.

Local Savoyard Cuisine:

For a heartwarming Alpine experience, Le Chabichou stands out with its traditional Savoyard dishes. Delight in classics such as fondue, raclette, and tartiflette, paired perfectly with regional wines.

International Eateries:

Craving a touch of London in the Alps? The Oxford Brasserie offers British classics amidst the snowy peaks, ensuring Londoners can find a comforting taste of home, from traditional fish and chips to savory pies.

Activities and Attractions

Courchevel transforms with the seasons, presenting a dynamic playground all year round. Winter beckons with thrilling pursuits, from skiing to snowboarding on pristine slopes. As snow melts, summer reveals a different charm with adventurous trails for hiking, exhilarating mountain biking routes, and the thrill of paragliding. Those seeking tranquility find solace in the luxurious spas, while as dusk falls, the vibrant nightlife emerges with eclectic bars and clubs offering spirited entertainment.


Courchevel, with its enchanting landscapes and diverse offerings, has long been a magnetic destination for Londoners. It seamlessly merges Alpine charm with world-class amenities, making it a go-to for both adventure and relaxation. So, as you chart your journey from London to Courchevel, embrace the spirit of exploration. Whether you’re carving the slopes or simply soaking in the vistas, this alpine gem promises memories that will last a lifetime. Happy travels!

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