Mistakes Men Should Avoid When Buying Tailor-Made Suits


To pick a good, comfortable and charming tailor-made suit is a massive investment in your style and overall appearance. It is one garment that must be of proper fit for you. If the suit you choose does not fit your fit and body type, it may fail to reflect your personality. However, it is also true that the right suit can be a great addition to your personality and overall appearance. You can certainly look for quality tailor-made suits by YSG Tailors and ensure that you have the perfect pieces. but while you explore the options in suits anywhere, make sure that you don’t make any mistakes. Have a look at a bunch of errors below:

Doding Body Type

Not all types of styles and cuts suit every body type. Make sure that the tailor understands your body shape and can recommend styles that pamper your physique. For instance, single-breasted suits are inclined to be somewhat more versatile and universally gratifying than double-breasted ones. So, be thoughtful about this aspect.

Not Paying Attention to Proper Research

One main mistake that most men make is not doing their homework before visiting a tailor. It is essential for you, being a man, to research diverse styles, fabrics, and tailoring methods. Get a proper idea about the terminology used in tailoring to effectively communicate your preferences.

Ignoring Fabric Quality

The fabric you pick significantly impacts the look and even overall durability of the suit. Make sure that you never compromise on quality to save your pennies. Choose fabrics such as cashmere blends, wool, and silk blends for a luxurious and royal look and feel. Of course, you can explore all the suitable fabrics and then make a move.

Rush the Process 

You know what, tailor-made suits need time. Rushing the process can simply lead to mistakes and even an unsatisfactory outcome. Make sure that you plan to permit the tailor ample time for measurements, overall fittings, and even adjustments.

Poor and Bad Measurements

Come on, you must understand that precision is the seal of a well-fitted suit. Inaccurate or wrong measurements can lead to an ill-fitting and ugly suit that’s uncomfortable and even unflattering. Choose a tailor who is careful and professional about taking measures and ask about their overall fitting process.

Missing on Small Details

You know what? The devil is often found in the details; it is mainly in tailoring. Pay the utmost level of attention to lapel styles, stitching details, overall button choices, and pocket types. Such are the subtle elements that contribute to the general aesthetics of the suit.

Skipping Occasion

Different types of occasions are there that call for different suit styles. A suit for any sort of formal event is going to differ from one suitable for business or even casual settings. Ensure that you properly communicate the purpose of the suit to your tailor so they can recommend the proper and effective styles.

Going by Trends Blindly

Though it is true that to stay trendy is admirable, make sure that you give priority to timeless styles over that of brief trends. Come on, you must understand that trends come and go, but a well-fitted and effective classic suit can last for many years to come.


To sum up, when you as a man are determined that you don’t make any of these mistakes, you can be sure that you buy the tailor-made suits that are pleasing, perfect, productive and priceless for you.

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