Craft CMS vs WordPress: Which One Is Best for Your Business

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Craft vs WordPress

While we look into the era of creating the hyper-tech world, the first thing we turn to is creating our business to look more enhanced and well-updated in the eyes of the appropriate onlookers. A versatile website plays an essential role in transforming it to a whole immaculate level. There are various platforms that are promising to offer compelling features to create a modified website. 

Craft CMS and WordPress are the two platforms that excel at providing effective elements for developing, updating, as well as designing pristine content. Hence, there comes query to decide which one is better isn’t an easy trait. So, it would be appropriate to choose while going through one by one point to compare which could help us take out the best one. 

But first, it is necessary to be aware of what these platforms are all about, from their core identity to their uniqueness.

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What is Craft CMS?

Talking about a platform that provides effective designing tools, Craft CMS portrays a compelling platform for any type of website design the user wants. Being a code-based community, it consists of no limitations apart from your specific coding knowledge. Although, it could be stated that Craft doesn’t offer any templates to begin with, unlike various platforms which are offering the same. 

Craft CMS

Although, there are various unofficial templates you can still find in this community. Acting as a good starting point for all developers who are less skilled, it still requires some kind of tweaking in order to make it stand out among other websites. So, it could be added that you require a Craft CMS tutorial for effective handling.

 Moreover, there are various page payouts available for the users along with premium plugins which could act as visual editors for developers who are less experienced.

What is WordPress?

Being an open-source CMS platform that is free for users, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the market. Having so many effective elements to look into WordPress takes 40% of the market share, so it would be appropriate to say that it is dominating the industry. 


The prime factor which makes it stand out among all is that you aren’t required to have any coding knowledge in order to use WordPress. Having a vast library of plugins and themes ready to use, there are themes such as the collection of templates and stylesheets which helps to determine how appealing your website will be in the eyes of the viewers.

So, it would be worthy enough to say that you get all enhanced and creative designs for your website with just a click to install it. 

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Craft vs WordPress

Both being the platforms portraying compelling Content Management Systems, offers their own set of effective services. The query keeps going on is WordPress the best CMS or is it another way around? So, let us go through each fact, displaying some utility points for Craft CMS vs WordPress, which could help us to stand the best one out:

Easy To Use Elements:

The first thing that users look into is the accessibility of the platform they are choosing to operate, easily accessible platforms act more appealing in the eyes of all the users.

Craft CMS: To the users that are taking initiative towards web development, and considering designing their website as a web developer, then this platform is not appropriate for you. To the total beginner that does not have any knowledge about HTML, this platform is apparently not for you. Although, if you are aware of the website building and all its premises then this community might portray the best platform. From faster loading pages to better page layouts, it offers all.

WordPress: Beginning as the blogging community and upgrading to the smorgasbord, WordPress offers you tools to design any kind of website, avoiding the task of writing even a single line of code. From the installation to the versatile plugins and themes, it is being quoted as the most accessible platform in the entire market. 

Designs and Looks 

Now let us go through the point which states the beauty of the website. Disregarding all the functionality the first thing that catches the eyes of the users is its designs and how approaching it looks.

Craft CMS: The options of designs in Craft CMS are endless. But it requires an amount of knowledge in coding in order to process all the designs to your websites, as it doesn’t enable any kinds of templates, to begin with. Yet there are various options to attain unofficial templates which usually act effectively for users with less knowledge and their starting point.

WordPress: With WordPress get the opportunity to access how to approach the designs of your website. It offers using all traditional methods such as CSS code in order to design the pages that you are using. Moreover, you can use options for page building, which helps you build the page from the zero point, like Elementor. Based on your personal preferences, it provides so many tools, from adding content to enhancing designs.

eCommerce Features

There are so many websites that require more resources than new sites or blogs, the websites which act as an online store. Hence, you will require a perfect platform that offers everything you need to set the scales of your business. 

Craft CMS: Offering multiple plans, more specific on the Pricing, Craft has two e-commerce elements to assist you. If the user is planning to attach merchandise to their blog, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that it erases the margin of profit. Gearing at bigger stores is an impactful solution for them.

WordPress: WordPress comes with an efficient weapon when we talk about e-commerce premises, named WooCommerce. This point could establish the difference between CMS and WordPress as unlike any other community in the market, it has a separate option supporting your e-commerce requirements. With this plugin, you get to convert your WordPress installation into an e-commerce-affiliated platform that has all the elements necessary to be attached, with no additional prices. Further ahead, it also had a free add-on to the premium.


Therefore, whether we talk about more versatile designs attached to the outlook of the website or compelling e-commerce tools, WordPress has the upper hand as an effective CMS platform over Craft CMS. With its updated designs and easily accessible work, it is being adapted as an enhanced source of website content creation.

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