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Atlanta Car Shipping

Regardless of what other people believe, using a shipping service to transport your car has its benefits. Back when such businesses didn’t exist, you had to drive for thousands of miles if you moved across the country. 

You had to give your kid the keys to a car and hope they drive to college safely. Remote work wasn’t so popular, and people made road trips instead of enjoying a simple workcation. Check out this page for more interesting info

Now, things have changed. Many individuals purposefully choose to move their automobiles using this method, instead of hitting the gas pedal. We’ll explain all of the advantages compared to holding the steering wheel for hours at a time. This will help you comprehend why such businesses have grown so widespread. Let’s jump in. 

It’s more affordable

Most people are in a tough financial situation. Surveys estimate that more than 60% of people are living paycheck to paycheck, and they can’t cover a $1000 emergency. So when money is tight, how do you go about transferring your car? 

The answer is simple. You talk to auto transport Atlanta companies, and your vehicle goes from point A to point B for the lowest overall cost. You might think that you’ll save more money if you just drive there. But let’s compare the expenses. 

You need to pay for maintenance before you hit the road, gas, food, drinks, accommodation, and have extra cash at hand in case of an emergency or a part breaks down. Add to that the wear and tear and increased insurance over time, and you see how the dollar bills pile up quickly. 

Choosing open shipping is the most cost-effective solution. You get the same result as the closed method, but for a fraction of the price. There’s a myth going around that open shipping will compromise the level of safety appointed to your vehicle. That’s simply not true. Companies are immaculate when it comes to handling your prized possession. So the only thing you have to do is locate a business, call the number, and schedule a pickup. 

It’s available at all times and for all places

You’ve probably seen the trucks that carry multiple cars stacked on top of each other on the highway. Usually, you wonder how they load them like that. Well, that’s where the expertise comes in. Open transporters can hold up to a dozen vehicles at the same time. As a direct consequence, you don’t have to worry about the logistics for months in advance. 

You don’t need to take days off from work, and you don’t need to get stressed about other people’s driving. Open carriers don’t have prerequisites for the model of your car. You can load anything from a Honda Civic to a Dodge Caravan. 

It’s all the same to them. But bear in mind that the weight and the size will influence the price. So make sure you fill the gas tank to a quarter and not all the way. That will save a few pounds in weight. 

It lets you travel without danger

The worst part about driving a car at high speeds is that you think you’re safe. It’s a clunk of metal that weighs a few tons, and it’s moving at a hundred miles an hour. The potential for injury if you’re not careful increases exponentially based on how you step on the gas pedal. The higher the velocity, the stronger the impact. 

There’s an inherent danger every time you step in your car, even though you believe the control is in your hands. What if someone on the highway is drunk? What if they’re scrolling on Instagram? What if they sneeze and their hand slips from the steering wheel? 

Many companies include insurance in their pricing. That way, even if something happens to your car, which is highly improbable, you’ll be covered completely. They’ll take care of the finances for the repairs, and you’ll just praise the decision you made because you avoided an accident. You can find out more info here.

It’s fast

Unless you’re a professional driver, you can’t be on the road for eight hours without getting tired. Car shipping companies don’t waste time. They give you internet access to look at where your vehicle is at all times. You can monitor how fast they’re moving, and compare that to how you would have structured the ride. 

Open carriers have more leeway to make maneuvers because they carry lower weights. They spend less fuel, and they can go on roads where their closed counterparts can’t. That’s why they offer door-to-door services where they pick up the car from your home, and drop it off where you tell them. 

It’s simple

It’s far simpler to find a company that will take care of transport, compared to organizing a journey across multiple states. Just like you don’t want to DIY the electricity or plumbing in your home and outsource to a professional, think of moving a car the same way. Make a few calls to see which the best option near you is, and leave it to the pros. 

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