Make Your Brand Stand Out with Custom Cut Stickers

by pooja

Do you ever struggle to find that edge that will help your business stand out? Every business comes across these challenges, but have you tried custom cut stickers? It’s a subtle but unique way to differentiate and market yourself to help the world discover you. 

What Is a Custom Cut Sticker? 

If you have ever ordered business stickers, you know that you typically have to conform to the pre-made design or size and shape of the provider. That means when you want to print in bulk, you’re stuck with rectangles or circles, and you have very little room for customization. Sure, you can add your branding, but any other creativity is lost. 

But with custom cut stickers, you can design and print a sticker that is any shape or style that you want it to be. You go from limited options to full design capability in one simple change. 

When you custom cut and create, your sticker stands out even more to help bring you the attention you need. 

How to Best Use Custom Cut Stickers

Custom cut stickers have a lot of great uses. They can get your brand out there and be displayed in many different areas. People love to use stickers, so all you have to do is put them in their hands. While you will certainly have people who don’t use them, you will find this can be an affordable and effective marketing tool. 

Stickers for Sale

A lot of businesses will sell their stickers. When you have a popular brand, there are people who specifically look for stickers. A sticker is an inexpensive add-on, and customers who love custom stickers will always enjoy them. If you have a minimum threshold for free shipping, some customers might add a sticker to hit that mark. 

Give Stickers Away

Another great option is to simply give stickers away. Since stickers are affordable to have made and printed, many businesses will just toss them in with every order. When you attend events or expos, you can give out stickers here, too. It’s a great way to display your brand to more people. 

Getting Custom Stickers

When you decide you want to try custom cut stickers for your brand, it’s a simple process. You will need to create a design or have a design in mind that you can plug in. Choose a printing shop that gives you plenty of options for customization and that can provide for your needs. 

As you submit your file, be sure you format it for the best results. These are the key formatting needs:

  • Set your bleed area to 1/4 inch
  • Adjust the color spectrum to CMYK
  • Ensure DPI is a minimum of 300

These details will go a long way in making sure the sticker looks its best with color, graphics, and won’t end up with any cutoff. Start planning your marketing ideas and order your custom stickers to get out to the world! 

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