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by Ankit Singh
Walmart Point

Walmart, is a well-known retail corporation, throughout the world, these days. Opening thousands of stores in the U.S. which is now extended on an international basis as well. Whether it is about innovation or providing seamless experiences, Walmart enables opportunities for customers to shop anywhere as well as anytime online and through stores. 

Being a platform that never sleeps, it operates with a specialized workforce of approx. 2.3 million associates across the stores. Therefore, in order to track the effective working of the employees, Walmart adopted a compelling system of Walmart Attendance Point System. In order to track down the workstyle of the employees as well as manage their faultless working, it affiliates the Attendance policy which usually aims to record and manage employees’ unreported leaves, missed shifts, late records, and many more aspects related to their operations at the stores.

The Walmart points are the essential trait for all the employees who are targeting at working with their full potential. Whether it is about being an old employee or a newbie, losing track of your points on Walmart could work against you at your workplace. So, let us look into how to check your Walmart points in order to operate effectively.

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How To Check Walmart Point System?

Tracking your Walmart point could assist you in working sufficiently, from managing your unreported leaves, missed shifts, and lateness in your work:

Walmart Point System

  • Login To Your Walmart Employee Account:

The first step through which you could track your Walmart points is to log in to your employee account on Walmart. Through login, you get to access all the details regarding your personal information, employee details, and so on. By login in, you get to step into the system through which you can easily work in tracking your workstyle and hence your points. You can simply start the access and proceed toward your next step.

  • Selecting GTA: 

Once you have successfully logged in to your profile, another option is selecting the GTA. It will assist you in tracking your time association in the usual format of working. The Walmart GTA portal enables taking records of the time in which the employee has reported or ended the shift throughout their working.

  • Track Your Workstyle:

The next step and final step is tracking down your corresponding score, along with the total absence that is being taken in Walmart. You can now easily record your workstyle, from your attendance at work to your score and good points, leaves, shifts that are being missed, and many more options that are involved in the day-to-day working of the employee. By tracking the whereabouts, you get to easily access your points.

How Does Walmart Point System Work?

Every platform requires an effective format that could assist in the efficient working of the employees as well as the organization. Walmart adopted this compelling system of Walmart Attendance Policy in order to track down the attendance and performance of each employee. This format works for efficient organization of usual actions that are being taken in the working of the platform. The system simply records the whereabouts of the employees from their regular employee absences, and late arrivals, along with half or missed shifts. That will directly lead to tracking one Walmart point and hence supporting the policy.


It works with a simple format like tracking each unrecorded absence by attaching one point to your record. For this, with attaining the 5 points, the employee has to go through disciplinary penalty to be taken to an action. Moreover, the employee is allowed to take up to 5 or 9, but in case the record is quoting beyond that, the employee is put towards the serious step of termination. Similarly, all the employees that have perfect attendance get opportunities for rewards as well.

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How are Walmart Attendance Points Calculated?

After looking into the entire operations and employee working policy as well as tracking record, now let us go through how to check my points for Walmart or how the points at Walmart are being calculated. Walmart takes the workstyle of recording attendance as per their working hours. It tracks attendance through the GTA time clock tracking format, which records the moment an employee has reported at the workplace to the time they are ending their shift for the day.

Furthermore, the system of Walmart point tracking operates by monitoring unreported absence, and tardiness, along with the shifts that are being missed, as well as tallying them with the respective system of points. Let us go through the points through which the Walmart points system runs are as follows:

  • +0.5 points are being charged if an employee is taking the leave early, or in case of an early shift.
  • Late arrivals are being recorded with +0.5 points for reporting late to the workspace within 5 minutes to 2 hours.
  • +1 point for all the half shifts.
  • +2 points for absences that are being unreported. 

How Many Points Will Get the Employee Fired?

There are different aspects as per the working duration of the employees in the Walmart point system. In order to practise compelling management, the system works by recording the employees who are reciting at Walmart for a duration of 6 months or more. Likewise, those who are working for less than 6 months get to take 4 points in the aspects of their attendance until they are put towards termination. 

Furthermore, some of the exceptional attendance that is being quoted under unexpected attendance, for instance, pregnancy, bereavement, medical accommodation along with FMLA leave, are not being tracked under absence. Thus, the employee gets to take up to 9 days off within the span of six months. 

Walmart is a versatile platform in the retail corporation and offers all effective aspects when it comes to its workforce as well. Through the Walmart point system, you can easily check your performance as per your attendance, whether it is about tracking your late arrivals, unreported leaves, or even the shifts that are being missed. From checking how can you check how many points you have at Walmart to recording your time of arrival and departure from the office, looking into each point could be efficient for your work premises.

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