First time to buy sex toys, how to choose? A detailed guide for you

by pooja

Curious about female erotic toys, do not know how to choose? Look at the ads written in the sky, is it true? As an employee of a sex toy company, I’ve summarized an exhaustive guide to female sex toys, based on customer feedback + personal reviews, to take you into the world of toys!


I’m Luna and I’ve been working for a sex toy company for 3 years and have seen a lot of products.

Often see the network to buy toys advice:

  • The first time I bought, I was afraid it would not work well, give some advice.
  • The marketing article boasts a smashing ceiling, is it really that good?

Today’s summary of the exhaustive female sex toy guide, based on customer feedback + personal reviews, takes you into the world of toys!


  • Choose a reliable brand and after-sales service
  • Vibrating egg suitable for external use, do not put into the body
  • The new sucking technology is highly recommended
  • 3 kinds of stable strong and weak vibration can be, the pattern does not need more
  • Choose a bent, a certain hardness of the vibrating rod
  • Masturbate first, then try toys, try more 

1.Erotic toys world classification  

The wide range of erotic products is very broad.

From the user: there are female toys, male toys, same-sex couples, heterosexual couples, postpartum mothers, special preference for people and so on.

From the function: I personally conclude that there are two major parts, which act on specific focus and the whole body.

Acting on the body focus: all kinds of electric sex toys, masturbation cups, Kegel balls, anal toys, lubricants, sexual excitement promotion products, time-delay products, etc.

Acts on the whole body and can be distinguished according to body sensations: tactile (massage oils, whips, feathers); visual (candles, lingerie, handcuffs); gustatory (edible lubricating/massage gels); olfactory (fragrant perfumes)…

This classification has overlap, for example, underwear also has tactile sensation, low temperature candles can be illuminated ……

The world of fun is too big to fit in this article, today only introduce female sex toys


2.Selection Factors  

The most important, product quality and store after-sales

There is a simple principle, choose a reliable brand.

Most of the toys are named brand + name, such as LELO Rabbit Vibrators in front of the brand.

I think these brands are good quality: Lovehoney, inyarose, Lelo, PinkCherry (disclaimer: not mentioned does not mean bad.)

As electrical products, there is a small probability of problems, after-sales service is also very important to find after-sales customer service reliable.

Is consistent with human science

Vibrators should be selected curved to meet the internal structural characteristics of the female vagina. No need to look at the straight ones!

Vibrating eggs such small toys is external use, if the claim can be used internally is too strange, is nonsense.

Visual and private

Now the market toys are looking better and better, lipstick, small animal shape, privacy is very high.

If you are worried about being discovered by your parents or roommates, prioritize privacy.

This lipstick toy, for example, is particularly secretive


Noise level

The general product between 50-70 decibels, well done below 50 decibels.

There is no completely silent products, appliances can not be silent ~ you can cover the quilt to reduce the noise.

Don’t worry, the sound of the toy is unlikely to be heard next door, but it can certainly be heard in the same room.

Group dormitories are recommended to play songs and movies to cover while people are not around. Want to be completely quiet, or return to masturbation.

Charging method and waterproofness

Battery toys are not recommended. The way to charge toys are magnetic, jack, and in-box charging. The jack is slightly less waterproof. Most toys have a use time of 90-120 minutes. Charge in advance and play with confidence. Products have different levels of waterproof, like to play in the bathroom friends can pay attention to the waterproof, whether it can be rinsed in the shower, or can be immersed in the bathtub. Magnetic charging, waterproof better

3.External play toys  

There are 3 types of female external toys for stimulation: vibration, sucking, C-spot pen, and some toys have 2 functions.

Some people ask if virgins can use sex toys, but of course they can! The most important focus of a woman (the clitoris) is on the outside.

Topical vibration products

Small vibrating class toys, also called jumping eggs, is the most classic female sex toys.

Even if the large massage stick, vibration is too strong, easy to numb, and the appearance is not good ~

The diving egg is used outside the vagina, and it is normal to not feel it inside. The focus on the outside is sensitive to vibration, the inside is more sluggish. Many pornography has some misleading.

How do newcomers choose it? Start with a soft silicone product (plastic vibrations are stronger). Vibration mode, there are 3 stable intensity options, not too many in total. Change the mode of these, not much sense.

Sucking toys

Sucking toys are the sex technology invented by the German womanizer brand this century.

It’s not really sucking inward, but squirting air outward at a high frequency, which feels like sucking only. Since the range of action is more concentrated and deeper than vibration, the possibility of causing squirting phenomenon is higher, and women are highly recommended to try it.

With the sucking toys in the market became very popular, the simple vibrating toys gradually fell out of favor ~ 

Some people ask, with many sex toy ads nowadays, are the products that perfect?

Many ads only write about the pros, but no product is perfect. As an employee of the company, I personally tested it myself + listened to customer feedback, and I know that all products have pros and cons.

C-point pen

It’s the new toy type that resembles toothbrush-like technology. Players say that this first gear is equal to the highest grade of the jumping egg, very exciting. Beginners use caution, this is too violent for you.

4.Internal stimulation 

There are two types of internal vaginal massage wands, single-headed or double-headed.

A double head is one that will have a branch to take care of the sensitive spots on the outside.

Many women buy single-headed vibrators and have a poor experience. Remember! Internal combined with external is the best! The clitoris is always the focus! Don’t forget to match the external toy.

Regardless of the single or double head, choose curved and hard in order to internal multiple directions of stimulation.

Newbies have to choose from the finer products. 5cm are too big and not really friendly for newbies to try. It is recommended that newbies start with 3.5cm, and experienced women can try 5cm.

Here I recommend Inya Rose

About the mode, the same to have a strong and stable choice, preferably not more than 7, otherwise in order to find a

favorite mode also shut down.

That’s why I think inya rose is perfect: 7 vibration modes for all your needs, and, very durable and good quality!

When it comes to double-headed vibrators, some people ask whether to buy a double-headed vibrator or a sucking + vibrating combo. It depends on your previous exploration, external prefer vibrations or sucking?

I have not yet reviewed these combinations, it is difficult to give a recommendation. Look at the shape, new players choose a little thinner, like to fill the sense of veteran players choose a little thicker.

It’s also good to buy sucking + single-headed vibrators separately. Because many times, women just don’t want to insert inside. This way you can vibrate and suck separately on the outside and have a variety of combinations.

5.Notice to Players

Sex toys are not a partner’s rival, but a helper

People worry that toys will make women not need men anymore. How can a tool compare to a man!

Toys only work on a certain area, they cannot work on the whole body and soul. Sex is the sex of the whole body, of the skin, of the five senses, and a lover who understands this can bring warmth and love.

Two people can use these gadgets together, and smart men use them to help reduce their stress.

Acceptance of self-pleasure

Before buying toys, it is best to learn personal masturbation and accept self-pleasure. Will self-satisfaction after the use of toys is the icing on the cake.

People who never masturbate and use these products directly may be too strong and perhaps psychological.

Other women want to try to break through to the top with the help of toys, but not everyone is guaranteed success.

Concern about lowering the sensitivity threshold

Older players, including myself, have said they are still sensitive. And because the body is fully developed, it obviously promotes sexual harmony between two people.

At the beginning of the experience or frequent use, may be numb and sluggish, then you can rest and adjust, waiting for the demand to sprout again.

Buy adult toys with a break-in period 

Buy toys need to try a few more times, at first will not be used to uncomfortable, and even fear because it is too violent ~ try a few times to determine, is not too violent for you. Do not like to buy a new one to try again.

Some people expect too much from the toy, expecting to use it once or twice to bring the ultimate comfortable new experience, this can only be said, can not be found, need a process.

Cleaning and preservation

Silicone do not wipe with alcohol, recommended disinfection with toy sterilization spray, rinse under running water and dry to dry, and then put in the box bag dust ~

Pay attention to the sucking mouth of the sucking toy, the more fragile inside, do not poke it, which is considered man-made damage is not within the free aftermarket.
That’s my guide to sex toys for women! If you are seeing this, I guess you really want to buy one, come on, join the players club and open the door to a new world!

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