How do you create branded video content

by pooja

So what does success mean for a branded video these days? 

A branded video is successful when it attracts attention and keeps your target audience’s attention. A successful branded video needs to impress your brand—and its values—with your audience and prove relevant and useful to your audience. Also, a brand video should lead to action without a sales pitch or call to action.

 Now that we know what a successful brand video looks like, let’s think about how to create one.

Identify your goals: Every business and marketer needs to understand that behind every action should be a strategy. The strategy is the engine that moves the wheel. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

 While 94% of marketers use content marketing, only 63% have a documented strategy. Therefore, the first step in creating successful branded video content is to create a strategy that outlines your brand’s specific goals.

 A goal is a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goal. A goal focuses on practical, specific, and achievable outcomes.

 Know your target group: The first thing to think about when creating a video to build brand awareness is your audience. After all, they are the people you make your video for. A great way to really get to know your audience is to create buyer personas. Buyer personas are three-dimensional representations of your ideal customers based on existing customer data or new market research.

Determine the video type: There are two broad types (forms) of video production with branded video content animation or live action. The first decision is whether to create an animated video, a live-action video, or a hybrid. There are certain factors you should consider, such as budget and purpose. Animated videos are often less expensive than live action videos. Animated videos are suitable for educational and explanatory purposes. However, live-action videos are more human and friendly, factors that are important for engagement. The decision goes back to your goals.

Create your script and storyboard: The script is the basis of the video. The best actor can’t save a bad script. Once you have your script, create the storyboard. Creating a simple slate with all of the different scenes you want to use in your branded video will help you visualize the project and film as a whole. Your brand goals and buyer persona determine the type of story you tell.

Produce and Edit the Video: After all that preparation, it’s time to actually shoot the video! This takes much less time than the preparation (that is, as long as the preparation is done correctly). Make sure you have the necessary gear to shoot a great video.

A strong video agency can help clearly define who is needed and work with you on a budget to allocate resources accordingly. Production teams typically package video as an end-to-end solution, from pre-production to post-production. You need to be involved in every step of the process, providing feedback and guidance until you have the final product.Share your brand video: Of course you won’t get far with your message without sharing it! Make sure you spread the word by placing your content on all social media platforms. To make the most of it, keep in mind which hashtags attract your audience and when is the best time to post for views or engagement.

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