How to Get Started with TikTok Advertising: TikTok Advertisements 101

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Over the past few years, TikTok’s use as an app and popularity have both skyrocketed. By April 2022, there were 1 billion people who were actively using it.  And in our earlier article on the fundamentals of TikTok, we looked at some of the factors that contributed to the app’s success as well as some strategies for brand marketing there.

In addition to these marketing techniques, you might invest money on sponsored TikTok advertising to broaden your brand’s appeal to app users. Given the immense popularity of the app, TikTok adverts might be a terrific complement to any social media advertising strategy. 

However, TikTok advertising is distinct from that found on other social media platforms. On this page, the various ad types and the TikTok advertising procedure are explained in great depth.

Which Brands Ought to Advertise on TikTok?

On TikTok, a variety of brands run advertisements, including Chipotle, Guess, and Fenty Beauty. The fact that these companies’ goods naturally fit into TikTok’s video format is what unites them.

Advertisers on TikTok may showcase their goods in use and cram a lot of details into a little video. This format is good for B2C firms that want to move away from static ads and present interesting information, but it may be tough for B2B brands that sell services that are difficult to illustrate.

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TikTok Ad Types:

You have a lot of possibilities when it comes to advertising on TikTok. So you can decide what will best help your message reach and influence your target audience. The many ad formats available on the TikTok advertisements platform are shown below:

In-feed video – On the “For You” portion of TikTok, users’ native news feeds contain these videos as advertisements.

Brand takeover: You can control the conversation while utilizing this form of advertisement by briefly taking over the entire screen with your message. Later, it evolved into an in-feed video advertisement.

Spark ads – Spark adverts are a new ad format that TikTok introduced in 2021 that allows businesses to sponsor well-liked organic content that is relevant to their goods.

Image ads – Brands can insert picture adverts into videos that show up in BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, and Babe news feed apps on TikTok.

Video advertisements: In a user’s “For You” stream, these full-screen, 5- to 60-second videos are displayed.

Pandle advertisements – The video platform of Pandle interacts with TikTok to provide video, native, and banner ads, but this functionality is only accessible in a few countries.

Carousel ads – Up to 10 images can be used in a carousel ad, which can be found in TikTok’s news feed apps.



Branded AR content – You can also have your advertisements appear as branded stickers, glasses, and other AR content so TikTok users may utilize them in their movies.

Hashtag challenge: This kind of advertisement appears in the app’s “Discovery” area and may entice users to participate.

Influencer-generated sponsored content – In this sort of TikTok advertisement, your message is conveyed through sponsored content by a prominent TikTok user.

Creating Advertising on TikTok:

Let’s look at how to put them up from your TikTok ad account now that you are aware of the many forms of TikTok commercials.

Step 1: Activate your TikTok advertising account. 

As a first step, only register for an account on the TikTok Ads Manager. Before determining whether to use the account for a business or an individual, select your billing nation or region. Then click “Next.” Put in the verification code that was provided to your email after that. 

After that, enter the verification code that was sent to your email. You will require the verification code issued to your phone if you decide to register using your phone number

Click “Sign Up” after confirming that you accept the terms and conditions.

After your brand has been approved, enter onto your dashboard and complete the first account setup as directed. Then you may build TikTok commercials by following the instructions below:

Step 2: Create and install the TikTok Pixel 

You now need to install the TikTok Pixel, a piece of code that tracks events on your website (such as how visitors came, the device they’re using, and their location).

You must select “Standard Mode” or “Developer Mode” in your TikTok Ads Manager before you can create your Pixel. Before installing your Pixel, don’t forget to examine your cookie consent settings. Next, copy or download the Pixel code, then paste it into your website’s header.

Step 3: Establish a fresh marketing

By selecting the “Create” button from the “Campaigns” menu, you can create an advertising campaign.

You will then have the ability to select your campaign target, such as increasing traffic, conversions, or app downloads.

Next, give your campaign a name and specify a minimum spending limit for it. In order to swiftly contact as many individuals as possible, you might select a lifetime budget. But if you allocate a daily budget, you can approach your target market carefully and gradually.

Step 4: Establish an ad group.

Create an ad group to specify target markets, campaign spending limits, and ad placements.

  • Select the promotion’s objective or style:

Choose “App Install” or “Website” as the type of promotion.

  • Select the ad placement:

Choose your ad placement carefully because it will affect where your advertising display on TikTok and its affiliate sites. If you’re just starting out with TikTok ads, you can select “Automatic placement” to have TikTok arrange your ads for the greatest possible reach and return on investment. Additionally, you can manually insert advertisements on TikTok and its news feed apps.

  • Choose your artistic style:

When you use the “Automated Creative Optimization” function, TikTok will generate different versions of your material and gauge how well it performs. This function is always turned off.

  • Identify your target market:

Choose the area, gender, and age range of the audience for your advertisement. Additionally, you can add users with certain hobbies, users who speak a particular language, and users who have already interacted with your content.

Step 5: Write a fresh advertisement

You can configure your first ad after creating your ad group. As your TikTok ad creative, you can upload either a video or an image file.  Follow the suggested ad parameters for the best outcomes. This will guarantee that your advertisement looks fantastic on TikTok and on all of the partner platform

You can preview an ad after you’ve customized it to your satisfaction to get a sense of how TikTok users will see it. Before submitting your advertisement for evaluation, you can also determine at this stage whether it needs to be modified.

By giving your ad a name, you may further personalize it and make it simpler to recognize it from other ads in the same ad group. Then, to further enhance the impact of your message, enter your advertisement text using 12-100 characters. It will be visible above your advertisement.

Next, you may choose from a range of calls to action depending on what you want your audience to do. Use verbs like “Sign Up,” “Download Now,” “Contact Us,” “Book Now,” “Shop Now,” “Apply Now,” or “Learn More” to nudge your audience to take action. Finally, press “Submit” to finish designing your advertisement.

  • TikTok Promote can be used to increase current adverts.

With TikTok Promote, a paid option, you can advertise your video content with the aim of increasing website traffic, video views, or new followers. Prior to beginning your promotion, choose an audience, specify your spending limits, and plan the length of your advertisement.

Step 6: Assess the effectiveness of your ads

After releasing your advertisement, your work is not finished; you still need to track your results to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. TikTok offers native statistics that can demonstrate the effectiveness of your advertisement in terms of impressions, clicks, conversions, and other metrics. To determine what works best for you, you may even test and evaluate the effectiveness of various ad positions and copy.

  • TikTok ad specifications

TikTok in-feed video advertisements need to adhere to formatting standards in order to appear properly and increase interaction. Create a video that is between 9 and 15 seconds long, less than 500MB in size, and one of the following file kinds. .avi,.mp4,.mov,.mpeg, or.3gp.

Then, for more formatting instructions, refer to TikTok’s list of ad specifications.

  • TikTok best practises for advertising

Follow these top strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your TikTok advertising campaigns:

  • Maintain your brand identity.

Users of TikTok love authenticity, so make sure the content of your ads reflects your brand and your company’s core principles.

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Just say it.

Yes, you have 60 seconds on TikTok to convey your argument, but movies between 21 and 34 seconds are the most effective at increasing conversions.

tiktok 3

1. Maintain the vertical

With a 40% increase in impressions, vertically oriented videos surpass square or horizontal formats.

2. Promote when it’s appropriate

The timing of eBay’s “Sneaker Showdown” promotion to coincide with the NCAA basketball tournament contributed to its popularity. In order to create buzz for your advertising campaign, keep an eye out for hot themes or events. Remember that TikTok statistics can help you determine when to run your ads for the greatest audience reach.

3. combine text and sound

TikTok claims that “music of any kind” increases ad impressions. The effect of adverts is also increased by captions and text overlays.

4. Make use of hashtags

By utilizing pertinent hashtags, you can aid users in finding you. You can see trending hashtags on the TikTok discovery tab and choose the ones that are best suited for your advertisement and your company.

5. Add interactive components

Ad involvement is encouraged by TikTok’s interactive elements. The Gesture add-on, for instance, can be used to persuade users to swipe or touch on an advertisement in order to disclose a reward. Or you may ask for feedback from your audience by using the Voting Sticker overlay.

6. Join forces with influencers

Influencers on TikTok already have a fan base, so working with them on an advertisement campaign can significantly increase your reach. Look for influencers who either use your product already or fall within your target demographic. To generate awareness for your company, you might be able to start a new campaign with an influencer, or you might discover an influencer who already has material that would be suitable for a Spark Ad.

7. Test and improve

To see how your material is doing, frequently check your TikTok analytics. Take a look at data like views, interactions, and click-through rates and alter your content strategy if you’re not receiving the engagement you’d like.

8. Success of TikTok’s advertising

TikTok advertising could feel very dissimilar from advertising on other social media platforms. However, if you can manage TikTok commercials, your business might achieve extraordinary success. Make your message clear and concise to make it easier for the app’s diverse and engaged audience to understand.

If you’re still not sure whether to use the platform, take a look at some of the main arguments in favor of TikTok for brands.

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